Healthy Minds @Work

Train your mind and build the skills to be calmer, more focused, and resilient, in just 30 days! Offered by Hoos Well to all UVA employees and their benefits-enrolled spouses, Healthy Minds @Work is an evidence-based, easy-to-follow program featuring scientific podcast-style lessons, guided meditation practices, personalized well-being reports, and a customizable mobile app. It is a personal guided journey through the science of a healthy mind, built by neuroscientists and designed to teach and measure skills associated with emotional well-being — all in only 5–10 minutes a day.

NEW: Spark Kindness Challenge

Join the 2,000+ UVA participants in Healthy Minds @WorkSpark Kindness Logo to build connection, social well-being, and a culture of kindness at UVA in just 5 - 10 minutes a day! 

Backed by decades of scientific research, Spark Kindness is a 3-week well-being challenge that guides you in developing kindness for yourself, sending it to people you care about, and extending it into the workplace and even to difficult people and relationships. The weekly topics include:

  1. Be Kind to Yourself. Developing kindness for ourselves brings balance to the mind and gives us resources to care for others.
  2. Let Kindness Spread. Sending kindness to loved ones brings more happiness and well-being—to ourselves and people we care about.
  3. Find Kindness Everywhere. Extending kindness to everyone, including strangers and difficult people, is a powerful way to defuse apathy and transform unhealthy relationships.
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How to Participate in Healthy Minds @Work and the Spark Kindness Challenge

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Spark Kindness Challenge intro

Stephanie Wagner, Healthy Minds lead Trainer and board-certified health coach, introduces the Spark Kindness Challenge.

Watch a UVA webinar that launched the challenge: "Spark Kindness to Foster Connection and Social Well-Being"
2,000 +

UVA participants in Healthy Minds @Work

35 %

Decrease in burnout from only 5-7 minutes/day

9 %

Increase in well-being after 30 days

FAQs about Healthy Minds @Work and the Spark Kindness Challenge

Please see Hoos Well's list of FAQs for more information, including those about earning rewards.