Discover Applicable Life Skills Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing our attention on our inner experience in the moment, which allows us to become more present in our lives and make conscious choices. A trainable skill that anyone can learn and develop, mindfulness is a simple, portable, powerful, and evidence-based way to:

  • Cope with stress and life challenges
  • Decrease anxiety, depression, and burnout
  • Improve sleep, mood, focus, and productivity
  • Enhance resilience, happiness, and quality of life

Hoos Well Mindfulness Programs

Whether you're a mindfulness novice or a seasoned pro, Hoos Well provides state-of-the-art, online mindfulness programs that can fit into your busy schedule, provide you resources that are applicable and useful, support your emotional well-being, and help you thrive.

  • Online Mindfulness Resources and Support

    Hoos Well provides employees and spouses who are enrolled in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan with free access to eM Life, an online mindfulness resource that can be integrated into your active schedule. eM Life includes many resources that can be applied to everyday life and chronic conditions to promote health, happiness, stress management and self-care. eM Life includes online and mobile interactive sessions, on-demand content, applied mindfulness practices, an expert-led community, and more.

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  • Mindful Leadership Training

    Mindful leadership is crucial in these uncertain times. Hoos Well has partnered with the UVA Mindfulness Center to offer an Advanced Mindful Leadership Training course to managers and leaders who are part of UVA Health, UVA Academic Division, UPG, or UVA-Wise. There is no cost to participants, but there is a prerequisite.

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Mindfulness is about paying attention to present moment experience without judging. John Schorling, MD, Director of the UVA Mindfulness Center

UVA Mindfulness Resources

The online mindfulness resources offered by Hoos Well complement the high-quality, in-person classes and programs that our UVA partners offer across Grounds.

  • UVA Mindfulness Center

    The UVA Mindfulness Center was established 24 years ago as one of the first such centers in an academic institution in the country. The Mindfulness Center offers Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) classes, retreats, audio recordings of guided meditations, and other audiovisual resources.

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  • UVA FEAP Mindfulness Services

    UVA's Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) provides on-site services, including 1-3 sessions of private or small group mindfulness coaching, guided mindfulness programs by phone or Zoom, onsite team guidance, hour-long seminars, a Mindfulness Toolkit, and classes that explore the link between mindfulness practice and developing resilience and compassion.

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  • Online Mindfulness and Other Contemplative Classes by UVA's Contemplative Sciences Center

    UVA’s Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) advances the study and application of human flourishing at UVA and at all levels of education. Experienced CSC instructors offer free, drop-in sessions every week. Topics include mindfulness meditation, stress reduction, yoga, and much more. Registration is not required.

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  • Live, Online Drop-in Classes by the Compassionate Care Initiative

    The UVA School of Nursing’s Compassionate Care Initiative (CCI) offers ongoing, weekly sessions on mindfulness meditation, mindful movement, yoga, and more. All drop-in sessions are free; no registration or previous experience required!

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