Tools to Ensure Your Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Many Americans are anxious about their financial situation, not only about having enough funds for retirement years, but also about current issues like paying down debt, planning for their children’s college education, dealing with unexpected bills, and more. When under financial stress you can experience fear and uncertainty, and be distracted from work and personal obligations. Money management training and tools can help you better live within your means, understand savings options, avoid financial pitfalls, and live a more positive and stress-free life.

UVA cares about your financial wellness and offers several resources to help you manage your finances:

  • Financial Pop-up Classes: The University of Virginia Community Credit Union offers free on-site financial seminars on topics like Managing Your Money, Planning and Investing, Home Buying/Home Ownership, Credit, and College Funding. Each seminar lasts about one hour. View the full list of options. Email to sign up your group for a session.
  • UVA Financial Counseling: Schedule a 30-minute session with a financial counselor through the UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP). Consultation topics include Budgeting Techniques, Credit after Bankruptcy, Debt Counseling, Divorce Planning, Insurance Buying Strategies, Medicaid and Medicare, Mortgages, Social Security Benefits, Tax Issues, and more.
  • Tools from UVA Community Credit Union: Browse the Credit Union’s financial education resources, which includes online calculators, buying guides, retirement planning tools, and free financial seminars.

You can also browse valuable resources and webinars from TIAA, Fidelity, ICMA-RC, and other financial institutions who are approved UVA vendors.

Additional Resources for Financial Wellness

Browse these helpful financial tools and resources.