Some University Staff Are Eligible for Supplemental Benefit Credit

Supplemental Benefit Credit

Benefits deductions (i.e. UVA Health Plan, retirement) have a big impact on our pay. To offset some of these deductions, UVA provides a $550 annual supplemental benefit credit for eligible University Staff.

Who receives benefit deductions?

  • University Staff who are full- or part-time, benefits-eligible, with an annualized salary of $42,000 or less a year (eligibility liable to change if your salary and/or working hours change mid-year)
  • The number of months you work per year and the frequency of your pay affect how much money you receive in a specific paycheck
    • Ex. If you qualify and are part-time (less than 30 hours per week), you are eligible for 50% of the credit
  • Only University Staff are eligible for this program

How do you receive benefit deductions?

  • The credit is immediately applied to your benefit deductions and appears on your payslip
  • You can only apply the credit toward the amount needed for benefit deductions in any given pay period
  • If benefit deductions do not exceed the supplemental benefit credit in any given pay period, the extra supplemental benefit credit funds cannot be received as income