Recognizing Team Members

Recognizing Team Members

As a team member, you are part of a collaborative organization of health care professionals devoted to patient care. We want to recognize your accomplishments through several programs that exist across the University, as well as through "Uteam" programs specific to the UVA Health.

Team Member Recognition Intranet

Recognition Across the University

There are several awards presented to employees across the University in which academic staff and UVA Health team members are eligible. 

  • Hoos Building Bridges Award

    President Ryan asks our University community to “build bridges”—advice he first shared with thousands of guests gathered for Undergraduate Convocation on August 26, 2018. He doesn’t ask this only of students, but rather he asks that as a community we connect with new groups and individuals to challenge our thinking and build stronger connections. 

    The University’s newest award, Hoos Building Bridges acknowledges the cross-disciplinary partnerships and projects of staff and team members.

    Recipients of the award demonstrate leadership, facilitating communications channels and workflows across schools, units, and/or departments. Their efforts increase efficiency and streamline critical processes on Grounds or at the Hospital. They also investigate and discover new solutions for long-established needs, as well as give voice to diverse perspectives and thoughts. Ultimately, awardees challenge their own familiarity by establishing valuable relationships. 

    Who is eligible?

    Currently employed, salaried, and non-probationary University staff, classified staff, UPG staff, UVA Health team members, and Contingent Workers (UVA Foundation, Aramark, Morrisons). 

    Selection Criteria

    Nominations are viewed by an advisory committee which considers how candidates/teams are "building bridges," and how they demonstrate partnership internally across schools, units, and departments. Selected nominations are then submitted to the President's Office for final selection. 

    Nominate a Deserving Candidate or Team by February 26, 2021

    Awardees Receive

    Awardees receive a framed certificate, monetary award, and a feature story in UVAToday's Building Bridges collection


    The highest individual, employee award at the University is named in honor of Leonard W. Sandridge, who was an avid champion of UVA staff and who dedicated 44 years of service to the school. He joined the University in 1967 as internal audit staff and held a number of positions until he became executive vice president and chief operating officer in 1993. 

    This award recognizes an outstanding University staff or team member who demonstrates dedication to service through individual efforts, group contributions, and commitment to our larger community.

    Who Is Eligible?

    Currently employed, salaried, and non-probationary University staff, classified staff, UPG staff, UVA Health team members, and Contingent Workers (UVA Foundation, Aramark, Morrisons).

    Selection Criteria

    Winners of this prestigious award not only contribute to the University in a positive way, but also enhance internal or public regard for the services provided by UVA and the Commonwealth at large. Winners' dedication to service impacts students, patients, various clients, management, fellow employees, and/or the community. Know someone who deserves this award?

    Awardees Receive

    Awardees receive $1,000, recognition at our annual Service Awards Dinner held at the Boar's Head, and a possible nomination for statewide program Governor’s Awards.


    As a thank you for your hard work, all employees are invited to an annual staff appreciation pancake breakfast hosted by President Ryan. It's a special celebration you won't want to miss.

    This year's breakfast will take place on March 10, from 7AM – 9AM at Fresh Food Company in Newcomb Hall. The menu includes pancakes, sausage, oatmeal, eggs, fruit, and gluten-free options. One hour parking validation at Central Grounds Garage provided.


    Employees with long tenure contribute to the University in many ways, and offer a valuable knowledge-base that supports our overall work and mission. To show our appreciation, we recognize and award those who achieve long-term service milestones – 10 years of continuous service and every five years after. Thank you for your commitment!


    Service anniversaries of 10, 15, and 20 years by July 1 are honored at a University-wide reception annually. If you reach your 25 or more years of service milestones, we are proud to celebrate with you at the Annual Service Awards Dinner. If you have not reached your anniversary by July 1 of the award year, you will be recognized the following year. For example, someone hired July 4, 2008 celebrates a 10 year anniversary in 2019. 

    Who Is Eligible?

    University Staff (salaried, academic division), classified staff (salaried, academic division), UVA Health staff (salaried), and employees who have converted from Faculty to Staff (credited from the date of initial hire) are all eligible. This includes:

    • Service in any department
    • Salaried part-time employment
    • Service on a wage basis (appropriately recorded)
    • Military Leave service (taken according to leave regulations)
    • Leave without pay to attend school (recorded and certified by supervisor)
    • Non-continuous service (the total amount of employment, even if interrupted)

    Non-staff (faculty, students, etc.) are not eligible.

Recognition for UVA Health - Uteam

There are several recognition opportunities specific to UVA Health team members, including peer-to-peer nominations, member of the month awards, ASPIRE bonuses, point cards that can be exchanged for items in the Uteam storefront, and ad-hoc monetary awards.

  • Peer-To-Peer Nominations

    Recognize the work and efforts of your peers through a peer-to-peer nomination. Fill out a peer-to-peer card for the person you'd like to recognize. Cards are located in designated areas, including, but not limited to, break rooms. If you need assistance in locating a peer-to-peer card, ask your manager. 

    Managers who wish to order peer-to-peer cards for their teams, may do so in the Manager Storefront.

    Manager Storefront
  • UTeam Member Of The Month Awards

    The Uteam Member of the Month program recognizes team members each month for their outstanding service to UVA Health. Any team member, patient, or visitor may nominate an eligible team member for Uteam Member of the Month by completing a nomination form. Nominations are due by the 15th each month. 


    UVA Health team members who have been employed at least 6 months and have provided outstanding service to UVA Health are eligible for nomination. Nominations may be based on the following criteria:

    • Demonstrates a caring manner and a strong customer focus
    • Works well with others
    • Makes the department a better place to work
    • Serves as a role model for others
    • Demonstrates a commitment to patient safety/patient-centered care


    Selected team members receive:

    • $100.00 bonus in next pay check
    • Certificate presented by Senior Leaders at a quarterly recognition breakfast 
    • Letter of Congratulations
    • Special announcements and pictures in the Connect newsletter



  • ASPIRE Bonuses

    The ASPIRE Bonus Program is designed to reward team members for exemplary performance while demonstrating our Core Values of Accountability, Stewardship, Professionalism, Integrity, Respect and Excellence. If selected, team members are eligible for a bonus of $500 - $1,500* paid in a lump sum. A team member may receive multiple bonuses in a given Plan Year and may receive bonuses over multiple consecutive years.

    • Accountability means acknowledging and assuming responsibility for where we have succeeded and failed in terms of our actions, divisions, policies, and results.
    • Stewardship means responsibly and carefully managing our resources and commitment to continual improvement and learning while acknowledging shortcomings or problems in our quest.
    • Professionalism means approaching all that we do, in a collaborative way, to deliver excellent care through the lens of helpfulness, positivity, kindness and competency.
    • Integrity means being honest, open and fair through our behaviors, attitude and treatment of others.
    • Respect means being mindful of building a diverse and inclusive environment while showing compassion for everyone through our caring and intentional ways.
    • Excellence means conducting ourselves in a manner that surpasses ordinary standards through our preparation, collaboration and proactivity in all that we do.


    The program currently pertains to all team members except Physicians. All team members who meet the following conditions are eligible for the ASPIRE Bonus Program:

    • Team member was employed as of January 1st of the Plan Year.
    • Team member is employed and is on the active, regular status payroll (i.e., not temporary, occasional or on contract) on the date on which payments are made.
    • Team member exhibits exemplary performance over and above expected performance standards for his/her position in support of our core values and is not on disciplinary action.
    • Team member has received earned wages or salary during the period for which the payment is awarded.
    • Team member is not a Physician.
    • Team members on paid or unpaid leave of absence are not eligible to receive a bonus until they return to active employment status.


    If selected, team members are eligible for a bonus of $500 - $1,500* paid in a lump sum. A team member may receive multiple bonuses in a given Plan Year and may receive bonuses over multiple consecutive years.

    *All bonuses are subject to applicable State and Federal Tax guidelines.


    • Managers should complete the ASPIRE bonus request form ("Nominate a Team Member") and send it to the chief
    • The chief would then review and sign off on it. 
    • The manager would keep that document in the team members file.
    • The manager would go in to WorkDay and complete a one-time payment request. A Job Aid about this process can be found in the Workday Job Aids folder, Compensation section ("COM-Request One Time Payment")
    Nominate A Team Member (Word File automatically downloads to your computer's downloads folder)
  • Point Cards

    The Uteam Storefront contains UVA Health merchandise used to recognize team members quickly and easily for their behavior consistent with our organizational values. Team members are awarded point cards by department managers across the Medical Center. Merchandise can be requested by team members or by managers.

    How It Works For Team Members

    When you receive a point card, you may redeem the value for merchandise in the Exchange website or you may redeem directly in the Hospital cafeterias, Higher Grounds, and Medical Center gift shop.

    When using the Exchange website, select your merchandise and follow the prompts to confirm your order is placed. Deliveries are made within two weeks.

    How It Works For Managers

    Each Medical Center department manager is given two 5-point cards and two 20-point cards for every worked full-time employee. Managers are asked to use the Manager Storefront to replenish their point cards as needed.

  • Recognition Dollars ($15 per FTE)

    $15 per FTE for Reward & Recognition Efforts:

    For several years, UVA Health has allocated $15 per team member for Rewards & Recognition. Over the life of this program, this allocation has been funded both centrally and distributed to department budgets. This year, we will centralize the funding of the $15 per team member Rewards & Recognition allocation ($7.50 for part-time team members):

    ·       Uteam will coordinate all requests for these Rewards & Recognition funds

    ·       These funds can still be used to support your department celebrations, as well as other rewards and recognition efforts

    o   When you are ready to use your reward dollars, please contact with details for the intended use of the funds to ensure the use aligns with all applicable policies. Please allow five business days for review and processing of funds.

  • On Demand Payment Form & Business Meal Certification Form

  • Retirement Recognition

    Full-time or management team members who voluntarily terminate/retire from the Medical Center with 20 or more years of service and 50 or more years of age at the time of termination/retirement will be eligible for a framed certificate signed by our Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Dr. Craig Kent. Team members that have more than 20 years of service can choose a gift from the UVA Bookstore.

    Due to the pandemic and the need for virtual retirement celebrations, we have created this document to assist you in planning an online retirement celebration via Zoom. 

    Please fill out this form in order to request your team member's certificate and gift.

    UVA HR is now sponsoring Tribute video compilations to help celebrate retirements. Please see this tutorial for more information.

    Contact the HR Service Center at 434.243.3344 or email to make arrangements for the farewell party and gifts.


It’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s also true that one catastrophic illness can set you back financially. As a benefit to you, we balance wellness and protection by offering programs focused on your well-being, work/life balance and taking care of yourself and your family. After all, we care about you, your family and your quality of life at UVA.

  • Family Support

    Faculty and Employee Assistance (FEAP)  is an extensive support program available to all faculty and team members and their families, offering consultation services, seminars, coaching, counseling, and other referral services relating to personal and professional matters including:

    • Childcare and Parenting
    • Critical Incident Response
    • Eldercare Consultation
    • Flexible Work
    • Grief Counseling
    • High Risk Assessment
    • Legal/Financial Referral
    • Manager Consultation
    • Resiliency & Stress Management
    • Self-screening Tools
    • Wellness
    • WorkLife Balance
    • Workplace Seminars

    Learn more about FEAP.

    Childcare support is available through:

    Are you expecting or planning on growing you family?

    Breastfeeding Mothers - UVA Medical Center knows the positive benefits of breastfeeding your baby. Giving you access to pump at work is important for both of you.  In recognition of our commitment to you and our patients, University of Virginia Children’s Hospital and UVA Women’s Services has earned, and been identified as, a Baby-Friendly® designated birth facility by Baby-Friendly USA.  This acknowledgment is a prestigious designation for providing the highest level of care for new mothers and their babies.

    As an employer of choice, UVA Medical Center is committed to providing you with the support you need if you choose to breastfeed after returning to work.  Listed below are the rooms throughout UVA Health that have been dedicated for nursing team members: 

    UVA Medical Center*

    • Room #G441
    • Room #G454 (Residents’ lounge)
    • Room #8538

    Battle Building

    • Room #3222
    • Room #3223

    Northfork Research Park**

    4105 Lewis & Clark, room #1030


    Room #3246

    If your facility is not listed above, please work with your manager or Human Resources  at 434.243.3344 to identify an appropriate space.

     *Team members contact Kathryn Heck for access

    **Medical Center team members contact Sarah Hetmanski for access; UPG team members contact Debby Martin for access

    Check for this symbol to indicate a dedicated breastfeeding room:






    CAVPool:  UVa's Carpool Incentives Program:

    Carpooling is an environmentally and financially responsible commuting decision. UVa Parking and Transportation offers incentives to encourage UVa commuters to share the ride. Incentives include an accelerated request time for close-in parking and a discount on parking that increases when you carpool with more riders.


    2 Riders = 25%

    3 Riders = 40%

    4+ Riders = 100%

    We know carpoolers may need to drive separately on occasion. To support you, Occasional Parking Permits are provided. Each member receives 10 close-in occasional parking permits and 10 University Hall occasional permits per year.

    Learn more about Parking and Transportation

  • Perks and Discounts

    Balancing work and life can be stressful at times. UVA Medical Center offers an array of perks and discounts that help you manage the competing demands of work, personal and family lives.

    View all Uteam Discounts

    Uteam Box Office

    • Visit the Medical Center Gift Shop to purchase discounted Regal Cinema movie tickets
    • Check back frequently for new tickets to:
      • Virginia athletic events
      • John Paul Jones Arena Events
      • And more!

    Uteam Debit Card Plan

    As a Medical Center Team Member, there is no need to have cash on hand when you can use your ID Badge as a way to pay for cafeteria meals or vending snacks. By doing so, you'll receive 10% additional funds on your badge for participating.

    • Option 1 - add amounts instantly using cash, check or debit/credit card
    • Option 2 - add amounts automatically through a payroll deduction plan

    All funds you place on your badge will be increased by 10%. Example: Add $100 to your badge and $10 will be added for a total of $110. Use your badge to purchase items from any of the following locations:

    • East Cafeteria
    • Wahoo West Café
    • Higher Grounds All Locations, East & West Cafeteria & Fontaine Health South Annex
    • Outtakes Kiosk across from Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
    • Transitional Care Hospital cafeteria
    • Any vending machine that is equipped with the debit card feature
    • Flourish at the Emily Couric Clinical Cancer Center
    • University Hospital Auxiliary Gift Shop

     Learn more about the Uteam Debit Card Plan

    UVA Travel

    The UVA travel program is open to Team Members and their guests. Enjoy the adventures of traveling abroad with the comfort and convenience that comes with a travel service representative at your side.

    These special Uteam events are one way to show you we care and say Thank You for your commitment to UVA Health.

  • Wellness

    • Hoos Well is our comprehensive prevention and wellness program that can help improve your general fitness and reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses. Learn more about the support we offer and classes.

    • UVA WorkMed is a comprehensive occupational health and employee wellness program within the University of Virginia Medical Center. Learn More about what UVA WorkMed offers including services, classes and chronic care coaching.

    • Employee Health provides a wide range of health screening services to team members. In addition, Employee Health also provides the Same Day Clinic for the treatment of minor acute illnesses. Learn More

    • The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) is an extensive support program available to all team members and their families, offering consultation services, seminars, coaching, counseling, and other referral services relating to personal and professional matters. Learn More

    • UVA Club Red is a UVA Heart and Vascular Center initiative designed to help women manage their heart disease risk factors through a free monthly e-newsletter filled with information on food, fitness and the latest in heart research. Visit our website to learn more or join the club.

    • The UVA Mindfulness Center promotes the incorporation of mindfulness into the medical community, as well as into the lives of individuals throughout the region by offering classes, training, and instruction in mindfulness. Full program information is available through the web site.

    • The School of Nursing Compassionate Care Initiative supports nurses, doctors and students by teaching resilience and compassion in healthcare. Learn more about free weekly drop-in sessions, classes, conferences and workshops.

    • Chronic Care Coaching provides assistance to team members and their families to manage chronic health conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and morbid obesity with the goal of improving their health and well-being. Learn More