Turn 1% of your day into enhanced happiness, connection, and well-being

1% Challenge

Are you ready to train your mind and change your life? 

Through the Hoos Well reward-eligible 1% Challenge offered by our partner eM Life, you'll learn scientifically-proven mindfulness skills to help you settle your mind, broaden your perspective, sharpen your focus, and enhance your quality of life. Participation is simple, quick, accessible, and open to UVA employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan. 

The last day to start the 1% Challenge in 2022 was October 7. Current participants: Click here to read helpful information and answers to FAQ. Stay tuned to our eM Life page and the Hoos Well portal for information about the next year's 1% Challenge.


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Small changes lead to huge improvements in clarity and emotional balance. Even 1% of your day-14 minutes-will make a noticeable difference in your overall well-being. Mary Frances Southerland, Chief Administrative Officer, UVA Health

What benefits does mindfulness offer?

UVA participants in previous Hoos Well mindfulness challenges have reported a 20% reduction in perceived stress.


  1. Increased ability to manage stress, anxiety, difficult emotions, and pain 

  2. Enhanced happiness, overall well-being, and life satisfaction

  3. Greater gratitude, patience, kindness, compassion, and connectedness  

  1. Improved ability to watch your experience from a helpful distance, without judgment or reactivity

  2. Improved focus, attention, performance, and ability to expand or change your perspective

  3. Sustained access to your values, intentions, intuition, and deeper wisdom


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