UVA Health Performance Management

Performance Management Process

Goal Setting begins October 14 and continues through December 13, 2019

Goal setting is the foundation of our performance management program and is the time that all team members identify what they want to accomplish professionally and personally and establish measurable goals and timeframes in which they have to achieve their goals.

  • Goal Setting Phase: October 14, 2019 - December 13, 2019*
  • Appraisal Phase: June 01, 2020 - August 31, 2020

*Goal setting for additional jobs will extend into January 2020.

Resources to Support Managers and Team Members

Use these resources throughout the goal setting phase:

These tools will help answer questions you may have such as:

  • How do I write an effective goal? What is a SMART goal?
  • How do I enter my goals in WD?
  • I wrote my goals already. Why aren’t they in my template?
  • Where can I find my manager’s cascaded goals?
  • How do I edit a goal?
  • I can’t find my goals in the performance tab. Now what?
  • How do I archive my previous year's goals?

And, you can always contact AskHR@virginia.edu and include ‘Performance’ and/or ‘Goal Setting’ in the subject line.

Training Opportunities

Training opportunities are listed below, To register, search in NetLearning for “Goal Setting for Managers (webinar)” or “Goal Setting for Team Members (webinar).”

  • Goal Setting for Managers - Webinars

    Wednesday, October 16th – 2:00 PM

    Friday, October 18th – 9:00 AM

    Tuesday, October 22nd – 2:00 PM

    Thursday, October 24th – 8:30 AM

    Tuesday, October 29th – 9:00 AM

    Wednesday, October 30th – 11:30 AM

    Tuesday, November 5th – 10:00 AM

    Thursday, November 7th – 2:00 PM

  • Goal Setting for Team Members - Webinars

    Tuesday, November 19th – 8:30 AM

    Thursday, November 21st – 12:00 PM

    Tuesday, November 26th – 3:30 PM

    Wednesday, December 4th – 3:30 PM

    Friday, December 6th – 9:00 AM

    Monday, December 9th – 12:00 PM

    Thursday, December 12th – 3:30 PM

Goal Setting: Key Dates




MC managers begin the goal setting phase for primary jobs by cascading two goals for each team member (not required for SOM and UPG managers)


MC manager goal cascading complete (not required for SOM and UPG managers)


Goal template launch; MC team members set 3 goals (1 professional development, 2 job duties), review their cascaded goals, and submit to their manager for approval

SOM and UPG team members set 3 goals


Goal approval by manager due for primary job


Goal setting phase begins for additional jobs


Goal approval due for additional jobs


Appraisal phase begins


Self-evaluations due


Appraisals due

Improvements to the FY20 Goal Setting Phase

Here’s what’s new for FY20 goal setting:

  • Cascading


    • MC managers will cascade 2 goals to team members
    • SOM and UPG managers may cascade goals if they like but are not required


    • Continues to align mutual purpose of UVA Health
    • Provide equitable and consistent process for team members and their managers
  • Team Member Goals


    • MC team member will write:
      • Two job-related goals
      • One professional development goal
    • SOM and UPG team members will write a minimum of three goals to a maximum of five goals of their choice
    • Creating a professional development goal is strongly encouraged


    • Provides assessment of job duties
    • Ensures team members are engaged in their professional progress
    • Encourages team members to consider their career aspirations
  • Weighting


    • After adding three to five goals to the template, team members will weight all goals


    • Differentiates goal importance -- not all goals will take the same level of effort or have the same impact
  • New Hires


    • MC and UPG managers cascade to new hires before Noon on the Friday of their first week before the goal setting task is launched to the hire
    • SOM new hires are assigned probationary goal setting task


    • Ensures cascaded goals are on the goal setting template
    • Provides managers’ expectations
  • Transfers


    • Goals from previous position travel with the team member


    • Addresses lack of history and continuity
    • Gives manager opportunity to review what goals are still relevant in new position
  • Agile Goal Setting


    • Goals can be added, edited or ended at any time during the performance year


    • Allows team members and managers to add, update or sunset goals throughout the performance year
    • Allows for short-term goal completion
  • Manager Dashboards


    • Performance reports delivered in charts/graphs for quick visual stats
    • Improved manager dashboards, available in WD


    • Allows you to more easily track what tasks your team members have completed and encourage completion of tasks by deadlines
  • Reinstatement of the Second Reviewer Step


    • Offers manager's manager review/approval step for team member evaluations


    • Allows for calibration exercises if desired
    • Provides a high level view of school, service line, department
  • Improvements to Workday Year-End Process


    • Adding an overall comment section to the appraisal template
    • Adding a secondary reviewer comments section to the appraisal template
    • Replacing reassignment with delegation for the appraisal (in testing)
    • Allowing managers to approve additional manager evaluations in the appraisal template


    • Expands the scope of feedback to provide a better view of team member performance