Benefits to Assist with Caregiving

Benefits to Assist with Caregiving

Back-Up Care has been a challenge since schools and care centers began closing. It has also become clear that this option is not the safest/most comfortable for protection from COVID-19.                                                                                                                                                                                        

UVA understands that this rapidly evolving state of COVID-19 has also delivered plenty of other challenges.

Bright Horizons@Home has a plentiful supply of caregivers available to meet your needs through our Back-Up Care program, and they are offering Crisis Care Assist through April 30, 2020 to bring options to benefits-eligible employees.

Please note that reimbursement for care is a taxable benefit.

Managers: We ask that you be flexible wherever possible while parents seek care in light of state-wide K-12 closures.


Here's What You Can Do to Get the Fastest Results:

  1. Step 1

    Create your account at

  2. Step 2

    Choose if you want Bright Horizons@Home or request 'Out-of-Network Care' to secure your own caregiver.


  3. Step 3

    Follow-up to confirm care with Bright Horizons@Home, then proceed to step 5 or complete the 'Confirmation and Release' and request for reimbursement.

  1. Step 4

    If you have a friend or family member as your provider, skip to step 7 once the care event is complete.

    If you need help with sourcing childcare or eldercare, access SitterCity:

    • Academic Division - click HERE
    • Medical Center - click HERE
    • UPG - click HERE

    Click "USE IT" in the Find Sitters, Nannies & Housekeepers box. After creating your account with SitterCity, you will be able to post your request and elect a provider.

  2. Step 5

    Log into your Back-up Care account once the care event is complete to finalize the event.

    If you used Crisis Care Assist (Out-of-Network), then you will submit your reimbursement request (up to 5 days at a time) at this time.

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

Care is provided either at licensed care facilities or in-home by care providers who have been screened, trained and background-checked. All of the care providers are qualified through a process of screening and credentialing, criminal background and reference checks, licensure and insurance documentation and ongoing training. Care providers are also required to have CPR and first aid training. This service is available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Please note: It is strongly encouraged to sign up before needing care. UVA recommends signing up for Bright Horizons Back-Up Care as soon as possible if you anticipate needing care for a child or elderly dependent. 

  • How to Sign-Up for Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

    Benefits-eligible employees with UVA, UVA Health, and UPG receive up to 15 back-up care days/year at UVA’s discounted rate. To access Bright Horizons Back-up Care Services, here’s what you need to do:

    • Employees already enrolled can log in here
    • UVA Academic employees: If you are not already registered:
    • UVA Medical Center employees: If you are not already registered:
    • UPG employees: If you are not already registered:
    • Enter your credit card for payment (While this is required, please note that money is never exchanged at the time of care).
    • When you need care, call Bright Horizons' toll-free number (877.242.2737) to consult with a specialist, or visit the Bright Horizons website. They will identify the most appropriate provider within their network for your specific needs.
    • You may call to schedule care up to 30 days in advance.
    • Give your Bright Horizons specialist the following information:
      • Names and ages of individuals needing care
      • Dates and times care is needed
      • Type of care preferred (childcare center or home care provider)
      • Location of care (close to home, close to work or at an adult family member's home)
      • Any other special needs or requests
    • After collecting your information, the specialist will begin scheduling care from a database of carefully selected and contracted childcare centers and home care agencies. You will receive periodic updates throughout the scheduling process. The specialist will identify available care providers, discuss your options with you and schedule care on your behalf

    Please note: After the 15 days/year at UVA's discounted rate, employees can still use the program, but will pay the rate of $125 per day for center-based care and $280 per day for in-home care.

  • How much does it cost?

    UVA is subsidizing and offering this program as a benefit to employees. 

    • Center-based services: $15 per loved one/day; $25 per family/day
    • In-home services: $6/hour
    • Additional details and FAQs regarding Bright Horizons Back up Care can be found here.  

Child Care Assist: Reimbursement Option for Child/Elder Care

  • Bright Horizons Crisis Care Assist

    When situation necessitates, UVA employees enrolled in the Bright Horizons Back up Care Program will also have the option to source their own child care and/or elder care and receive reimbursement through the Crisis Care Assist program.

    What is Crisis Care Assist?

    • Crisis Care Assist includes a reimbursement option for employees to personally arrange a caregiving arrangement with a relative, family friend, or familiar babysitter.
    • Employees will be reimbursed $100 per care event for securing their own care outside of the back-up care network.
    • Employees are eligible to use Crisis Care Assist for their usual 15 days plus 15 additional care events

    To sign-up see "How to Sign-Up for Bright Horizons Back-Up Care" above. 

    Click here to visit the employee portal after you have registered for the Bright Horizons Back-Up Care program.

  • Expanded Care Network - Sittercity

    We are also introducing a new partnership with SitterCity to match team members with caregivers who are unable to source their own care.

    CALL FOR CAREGIVERS: We are asking if you or someone you know is able to provide care to please register as a
    caregiver in this time of need. Apply directly to Sittercity by clicking here.

  • Call for Caregivers

    There is an urgent need for caregivers to support our UVA members. We are asking if you or someone you know is able to provide care to please register as a caregiver in this time of need. Apply directly to Sittercity by clicking here.

General FAQs

Click here to visit our general Back-Up Care website which includes additional FAQs.