Resources to Support You In Retirement

In Retirement


    You must register for Medicare Part A and B. Retirees and dependents on the UVA Retiree Health Plan must enroll in Medicare when they become eligible.


    UVA FEAP is available for counseling and support as you make this life transition. 
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    This group maintains a connection between retired UVA Faculty and the University.
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    Your association with the University brings some perks! See details below.

More Details

  • Register for Medicare

    When you retire, you must sign up for Medicare Part A (hospitalization) or Medicare Part B (healthcare) even if you continue to work at the University.

    (Retirees and dependents on the UVA Retiree Health Plan must enroll in Medicare when they become eligible.)

    More information on Medicare is available at You can also research additional benefit options offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace.  


  • Return to Work Policy (VRS)

    VRS retirees who accept non-covered employment with the same employer must have a bona fide break in service to continue receiving benefits. Non-covered employment includes temporary, part-time hourly, and adjunct faculty positions that do not provide VRS benefits.

    After you retire, you can work for any employer who does not participate in VRS and continue to receive your retirement benefits. If you return to covered employment with a VRS-participating employer, you will become an active member and your retirement benefits will stop.

    In some cases, you can work in a non-covered position with a VRS-participating employer and continue to receive your retirement benefits. If you return to non-covered employment with the employer from which you retired, you must have a bona fide break in service of at least one full calendar month from your retirement date. This break must occur over a period you normally would work. Periods of leave with or without pay, summer breaks, and intersession periods do not count toward satisfying this break in service. This requirement includes teachers who retire under an early retirement incentive program.

    The Commonwealth of Virginia, including all state agencies and public colleges and universities, is considered one employer. Public school divisions and political subdivisions are considered separate employers. Your employer can make no verbal or written offer of reemployment before you retire. You and your employer must certify that there is no such prearrangement.

    Before returning to a VRS non-covered position:

    • Check that you have been terminated from the VRS-covered payroll for at least 30 days

    • Have no prearranged employment commitment with the employer

    • Ensure you are not expected to perform all of the duties required of your preretirement, full-time position

    • Evaluate the need for the position with your employer periodically if it does not have an end date

    • Structure the position so the hours worked are at least 20% fewer than a full-time position; position descriptions should clearly define the difference between part-time and full-time positions requiring the same skills, experience and knowledge

    Employment at UVA in a wage position cannot exceed 1,500 hours during a fiscal year calendar.

    Visit the VRS website to review the Preretirement Planning Guide and check the dates of the next VRS-sponsored Retirement Education Seminar.

Your Guide to a Well-Rounded Retirement

The on-demand sessions below will help you begin to consider the full picture in planning for retirement, including financial and non-financial factors. 

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An Overview

Meaningful Purpose

Livable Community

Wellness Lifestyle

Emotional Strength

Mental Acuity

Nurturing Relationships

Perks for UVA Retirees


    Retired staff and faculty may purchase season tickets for football and basketball at the same rate as those currently employed (based on availability). Retired staff and faculty who have more than 5 years of service may purchase a pass to use athletic facilities.

    Ticket Information: 434.924.8821
    Intramural-Recreational Sports: 434.924.3791


    Full-time staff or faculty who retire are eligible to continue receiving the employee rate on membership. Proof of full-time employment status may be required if information is not on file at Birdwood.

    Birdwood: 434.293.4653


    A 10% discount on books is available to retired faculty and staff. The bookstore prefers that retirees present an ID card.

    Bookstore: 434.924.3721


    Retired faculty and staff who were active members for at least 10 consecutive years become honorary members and receive lifetime membership and all privileges at half cost. Retirees with fewer than 10 years of membership may retain membership at full cost.

    Colonnade Club: 434.924.3532


    All members of the community may take courses. Information concerning education benefits for senior citizens (60 years or older) is available from Continuing Education.

    Continuing Education: 434.982.5313

  • I.D. CARDS

    Academic Division employees may obtain I.D. cards at the Card Office in Observatory Hill Dining Hall, Lower Level, from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. If you already have an I.D. card, you may have it updated. Call the Card Office at 434.924.4508.

    UVA Health employees who are required to wear a UVA Health ID badge may obtain one from UVA Health Technical Services, located in Room M1205 in the front corridor of the Multistory of the West Complex (old Hospital). Call 434.982.4009 or email for more information.

    Retired employees are eligible for a University Retired ID Card upon verification in the University’s HR system. If there is an existing ID card, it should be turned in to the employee's department at the time of the off-boarding process. The department should cut the card in half and mail it to the address on the back of the card. A retired ID card will be issued when the employee visits the ID Card Office. See the Faculty/Staff ID Card Application Form.


    Retired staff and faculty who can prove Virginia residency may be cardholders at no cost.


    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a nonprofit university-related foundation that provides stimulating short courses, lectures, and field trips designed for adults age 50 and older. Programs are offered during the day at convenient locations. OLLI is a volunteer, member-directed organization supported by modest fees for membership and tuition, as well as by grants and donations. OLLI at UVA brings together people of diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in continuing intellectual activity and invigorating social interaction. It is part of the Bernard Osher Foundation, a national network of lifelong learning institutes.


    Emeriti faculty receive gold permits at no charge. Provide Parking and Transportation with a copy of the letter indicating election to Emeritus status.

    Parking Services: 434.924.7231


    Faculty with emeritus status conferred by the BOV may apply for limited travel grants each year through the Office of the Vice President for Research.

    Office of the Vice President for Research:


    Retired faculty and spouses are eligible for membership at minimal cost. This organization facilitates communication with the administration and schedules special programs.


    Some departments and schools may make arrangements to satisfy specific needs of retired faculty. Interested retirees should inquire of the appropriate dean or department head.

Resources to Support You

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