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2022 Compliance Guidance and Updates for Managers

The following are new or updated versions of laws, procedures, or policies where you, the manager, may have an active role in ensuring compliance or in communicating requirements to employees. 

Updated as of February 16, 2022.


  • Virginia Values Act Pregnancy Rights Notice

    Virginia law requires employers to provide timely rights information to direct report employees who disclose a pregnancy. If any current employee reports a pregnancy (e.g., asks for time off related to prenatal care, mentions they are expecting, etc.), UVA is required to give the employee a notice of their rights within 10 days of the pregnancy disclosure.

    Action Required

    Supervisors should provide Pregnancy Rights notice within 10 days of a direct report employee's pregnancy disclosure by sending the impacted employee an email detailing the Pregnancy Rights Notice.  

    See the Virginia Values Act webpage for details.

  • State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act

    UVA is required to designate certain officers and employees to file a Statement of Economic Interest (SOEI) no later than their first day in an impacted roles, and then annually every January.

    Those same individuals must also complete Commonwealth Conflict of Interest training biannually. 

    Each year, the baseline criteria for identifying SOEI filers is updated identifying the roles at UVA considered to be positions of trust.

    Action Required

    When in doubt whether SOEI applies your staff, please email before your new hire, transfer, or promoted employee starts in a role that is considered to be a position of trust subject to SOEI/COI obligations so that the filing can be complete by the employee's first day in their new position.

  • Virginia Minimum Wage Act

    Be aware of increasing minimum wage requirements for any impacted employees. Pursuant to changes in Virginia law, make any necessary adjustments to hiring and staffing budgets.

    • $11.00 effective January 1, 2022
    • $12.00 effective January 1, 2023
    • $13.50 effective January 1, 2025
    • $15.00 effective January 1, 2026

    Employees working on federal contracts will have a $15 minimum wage starting on Jan. 30, 2022.

  • Employee Rights Notices

    In addition to labor law posters which are posted across Grounds, we have a webpage with the HR Compliance site to facilitate awareness of important information regarding employee rights.

    View the Employee Rights Notices webpage.

    Action Required

    Please ensure your employees are aware of these notices. It is particularly important for remote staff to know where to view them.

  • Taxable Employer Benefits

    Be aware that certain employer benefits and actions may be taxable to employees, including HoosWell benefits, moving and relocation packages, gifts including rewards and recognition, and automobile allowances.

    Action Required

    • Understand which employer benefits and actions may be taxable to employees.
    • Assist employees in understanding when they might incur taxes. 

    Parties Affection/Impacted

    Employees receiving these benefits or actions.

  • I-9 Compliance

    Every new employee, including student employees, is required by federal law to fill out an I-9 form verifying authorization to work in the United States.

    If an employee has not completed the form by the third day of work, employers are subject to civil fines and even criminal prosecution. 

    The failure to timely complete the Form I-9 or of the employee to provide the required documentation within three business days of the commencement of employment will result in removal of the employee from the payroll system until the documentation is completed and submitted.

    Action Required

    Ensure new employees complete their I-9 form.

  • Employee References

    The University’s position is that employee verifications are limited to the employee's full name, dates of employment, positions held, and final salary/hourly wage information.

    Do not provide any additional information, including whether the employee is eligible for rehire.

    Third parties wishing to verify employment for a specific employee are instructed to call The Work Number® for automated secure up-to-date, immediate, accurate, employment and income verification.

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Obligations

    Employees who are required to have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as a condition of their employment are subject to special screenings on hire and annually. This is a Department of Transportation requirement. 

    Action Required

    If you employee CDL drivers, find additional information on the UVA HR FMCSA webpage. 

  • Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL)

    PHEL (which provided up to 40 hours of paid leave for employees for their own or their immediate family member’s illness directly related to COVID-19) will no longer be available for use after May 31, 2022.

    If you have additional questions, email

     Leave may be entered as follows:

    • Academic Division employees: enter "State Public Health Emergency (diagnosed with COVID-19 or directed to self-quarantine) 2022" in Workday and request leave using the normal process for requesting time off.
    • Medical Center managers or timekeepers: enter "LV-Public Health Emergency" in Kronos.
    • UPG team members: enter "State Public Health Emergency (diagnosed with COVID-19 or directed to self-quarantine) 2022" in Workday.  

Updates to HR Policies

Updates to Medical Center HR Policies

  • 600: Leaves of Absence


    Policy revised to:

    • Amend the Paid Parental Leave section to include language to provide accommodations for loss of pregnancy, 
    • Amend the subsections “Disaster Relief Services” and “Leave for Victims of Disasters” under Administrative Leave to incorporate language to clarify the requirements for the use of such leave.

    View the Leaves of Absence policy.

  • 701: Employee Standards of Performance and Conduct


    • Policy revised to reflect that failure to renew license, certification, registration, or other credential prior to the date of expiration as required by Medical Center Human Resources Policy No. 905 “Healthcare Provider Licensure and Certification” shall result in an administrative suspension. 
    • This administrative action is current practice pursuant to HR905, but was not reflected included in HR701.
    • Additional revisions were made to the “criminal convictions” examples that would be considered gross misconduct, most specifically addressing entry of a plea or nolo contendere and convictions that result in loss of license, certification, etc.

    View the Employee Standards of Performance and Conduct policy.

  • 905: Healthcare Provider Licensure and Certification 


    Amended to reflect current processes and procedures related to license verification, monitoring, and renewal notification procedures. 

    View the Healthcare Provider Licensure and Certification policy.