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UVA’s Commitment to a Caring Community of Dignity and Respect

We treat every individual with kindness, dignity, and respect, regardless of position or status. UVA cannot realize its bold ambitions for excellence - in teaching, research, public service, and patient care - unless every member of our community embraces these values, and promptly reports misconduct.

We encourage you to promptly report abuse or mistreatment by University personnel, - including workplace bullying. Make reports to appropriate supervisors, unit heads, department managers, deans, or through the incident reporting system. Have full confidence that reports will be treated seriously, investigated promptly and impartially, and without fear of reprisal or retaliation for making a good faith report.


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  • Anti-Retaliation, Confidentiality, and Anonymity


    University employees should work without fear or threat of retaliation if they, in good faith (i.e. holding a genuine belief in the truth of one’s allegations) and based on a reasonable belief that improper conduct has occurred, make complaints of improper conduct to University management or in accordance with the Respect@UVA complaint procedure, or if they assist or participate in the complaint process.

    • You may be experiencing retaliation if you oppose workplace misconduct (i.e. you make a formal complaint) and, as a direct result, your employment is penalized or materially altered
    • Even if your complaint is found to be without merit, retaliation can still exist
    • Retaliation against employees making complaints of mistreatment or abuse can damage employee engagement and commitment and seriously undermine the ethical culture of the University
    • Managers with complaints filed against them should never react in anger to such allegations or behave in any way that could be considered retaliatory

    Examples of retaliation

    • employment actions such as termination and denial of promotion
    • unfounded civil or criminal charges that are likely to deter reasonable people from pursuing their rights
    • other actions affecting employment, such as threats, unjustified negative evaluations, or increased surveillance
    • actions designed to interfere with the individual’s prospects for employment, such as giving an unjustified negative job reference, refusing to provide a job reference, or informing an individual’s prospective employer about the individual’s protected activity

    UVA takes allegations of retaliation seriously. Immediately report allegations of retaliation to Human Resources Consulting Services (HRCS) at 434.982.0123 or through the Respect@UVA Complaint System.


    Complaints of disrespect, bullying, or other abuse or mistreatment are handled with discretion by University management, University Human Resources (UHR), Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights (EOCR), and other relevant administrative offices.

    Depending on the nature of the complaint, complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Sensitive information will only be shared to the extent that it is necessary.

    Anonymous Complaints

    The University cannot typically conduct investigations based on anonymous complaints because there is not enough information to proceed. It is difficult to fully and fairly investigate a complaint, identify witnesses, and follow up with questions when the complainant is not known.

    • The University is committed to safeguarding from retaliation or reprisal all employees willing to come forward
    • If you are reluctant to file a complaint for reasons of personal security, you may make anonymous complaints
      • Use the employee complaint system to print out a paper complaint
      • Report such incidences to supervisors by mail or other method that does not identify you to the recipient of the complaint
      • Anonymous complaints will be logged and accumulated with all other complaints for reporting purposes and to identify trends that may develop over time
  • How to File A Complaint

    We encourage you to speak up if you feel you are being treated disrespectfully. UVA offers many options when seeking assistance, such as your supervisor, department management, HR representative, FEAP consultant, or the University Ombuds. We also have a Respectful Workplace Complaint System.

    Complaint System Workflow

    1. File a complaint

    • Use the Respect @ Complaint Form to report information regarding your situation
    • Click “Submit” at the bottom of the page
    • Your complaint information will be submitted to the Respect@UVA Coordinator in HR

    2. HR receives complaint

    The Respect@UVA Coordinator or designee will review your complaint and contact you within two business days.

    3. Information Gathering

    The Respect@UVA Coordinator or designee will

    • discuss the complaint with you
    • review details
    • gather supporting information

    4. Information Evaluation

    The Respect@UVA Coordinator or designee will send the complaint to the appropriate office for investigation. Only those individuals who need to know will be contacted and provided with sensitive information to the extent necessary to resolve the complaint.

    5. Investigation

    The relevant office will investigate the complaint to conclusion through its internal processes.

    6. Reporting

    The Respect@UVA Coordinator or designee will compile a report with results of the investigation and will send the report to the respective VP/Dean and the Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer. 

    Medical Center reports will be directed to the Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer and the Vice President and CEO of the Medical Center.

    7. Follow-Up

    The Respect@UVA Coordinator or designee (whoever made first contact with you) will follow up to check in on your situation and ensure that the initial complaint has been resolved.

    Questions? Contact the Respect@UVA Coordinator at 434.924.4758.

  • Tips for Managers

    As a manager, it is your responsibility to maintain a workplace environment free from disrespectful behavior. You are required to

    • behave respectfully, in accordance with University policies
    • serve as a role model of respectful behavior
    • treat seriously all legitimate employee complaints concerning mistreatment or abuse
    • ensure all employees understand that bullying and forms of abuse are not tolerated at UVA
    • take early corrective action to deal with behavior that may be offensive or intimidating

    Ways to Maintain a Respectful Workplace

    Understand Harassment, Retaliation, and Confidentiality

    Review the following pages for definitions, University policy, and other useful information regarding harassment, retaliation, and confidentiality:

    In addition, please note

    • bullying and other forms of abuse or mistreatment may also constitute illegal harassment
    • you should never take any action that might reasonably be perceived as retaliation against employees who make complaints
    • maintain confidentiality unless you are made aware of inappropriate behavior; as an agent of the University, you have the responsibility to act
    • information should only be discussed with those who have a legitimate need to know
    • if you are not sure how to proceed, immediately contact your manager or an HR representative

    Document Misconduct

    Proper documentation is important for case resolution. When you become aware of employee concerns of mistreatment or abuse, document what is happening.

    Documentation of a complaint should be clear and detailed, and you should note events in chronological order.

    Offer Resources

    Familiarize yourself with the Respect@UVA Resources page in the left menu above so you know what is available to employees in stressful situations.

    The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) (434.243.2643) can assist when an incident has a major impact on an employee’s emotional well-being.

    Take Action

    Informal Solutions

    • Talk about the problem with your supervisor, department management, HR representative, FEAP consultant, or University Ombuds
    • Do not hesitate to contact someone even when an incident occurs only once; they may be able to suggest a resolution

    Disciplinary Actions

    • Learn How to File a Complaint
    • The Complaint Reporting System is not designed to replace normal University disciplinary procedures
    • Once an investigation is undertaken and evidence is produced that bullying or other mistreatment has occurred, be prepared to hold the offenders accountable through the Standards of Conduct or relevant faculty procedure

    Lead by Example

    You are expected to be a role model for respectful behavior. Take time to reflect and make sure you are not behaving in a way others may interpret as disrespectful.

    If you are not sure, think about the following questions:

    • Do you think your standards are high and wonder why others do not seem to care as much as you?
    • Is it impossible for you to make your contributions subordinate to those of others?
    • At work, are you excluded from social events?
    • At meetings, are your ideas never met with dissenting views?
    • Is the employee turnover rate in units you supervise higher than elsewhere in the organization?
    • Is absenteeism so high that production is sub-par?
    • Do you see decline in the pool of available talent, so that no new hires seem acceptable?

    You may be able to turn to your staff for feedback on how to improve the situation.

  • Respectful Workplace Initiatives

    Respectful Workplace Initiative

    A respectful workplace is critical for building relationships and increasing commitment and contribution to the work environment. A lack of respect in the workplace can result in numerous adverse reactions and behaviors that make the workplace less enjoyable - even unbearable. This workshop encourages respectful behavior, how to recognize when it’s missing, and how to seek help when you need it. The following classes are for all employee types. Self-register for the following dates:

    January 4, 2019 – Class #847787
    (Note: you must be signed into the Self-Service portal, as the registration system is covered by the Integrated System login process.)

    Respectful Workplace 2.0 – A Case Studies Workshop

    An advanced version of the Respectful Workplace Initiative, this interactive workshop analyzes actual case profiles to identify concerns, research appropriate options, and weigh the strategic advantages of each to assist in making broad-based change.

  • Request a Training

    Request a Training by sending an email to respect@virginia.edu.

  • Respectful Workplace Champions

    UVA would like to recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding commitment to a respectful workplace through their daily actions or larger initiatives. Those distinguished as champions may do some or all of the following:

    • demonstrate genuine concern and interest in others; carefully consider the impact of actions on others
    • provide information honestly and constructively; create an environment of trust and collaboration
    • provide assistance and support to co-workers without being asked; express gratitude and appreciation for others who provide help
    • show respect for and appreciation of different ideas, experiences, characteristics, perspectives, and backgrounds
    • demonstrate interest in the welfare of colleagues and their community; establish respect, integrity and fairness as a priority

    Share your stories and experiences of exceptional respectful behavior by emailing respect@virginia.edu so that we can officially recognize our Respectful Workplace Champions.

  • Respect@UVA Resources