Employee Relations Workshops

Employee Relations Workshops: Schedule & Registrations

Join us at one of our open enrollment workshop events, or request a training to benefit you and your colleagues. This interactive, workshop-style training series provides tangible, proactive best practices to enhance the knowledge of employees and managers alike. 


  • The Respectful Workplace Initiative at UVA is designed to explore and encourage inclusive dialogue about what a respectful workplace looks like for  each staff and faculty member, despite title, rank or longevity within the University. In this interactive workshop, most often called “Respect@”, we will identify University resources for anyone experiencing disrespectful behaviors that may range from common courtesy to bullying and harassment. We will learn what it means to be a Bystander and the obligations we have to each other within a respectful workplace. Ultimately, the Respect@ mission is to create a productive, safe and welcoming environment for all those within our UVA workplace.

  • Respectful Workplace 2.0 – A Case Studies Workshop 
    As an advanced version of the Respectful Workplace Initiative program, this interactive workshop analyzes actual case profiles to identify concerns, research appropriate options, and weigh strategic advantages, to making broad-based change.
  • Progressive Discipline Overview
    A progressive discipline policy is a multi-step process, progressing in severity with continued violations of policy. In this interactive workshop, we’ll analyze sample cases that violate state and University policy. By engaging in activities and group discussions, this builds skills in the management and application of employee discipline - while strengthening the organization through the strategic relevance of existing policy.
  • Written Notice Writing Workshop
    Crafting a written notice is an interactive process between the manager and your ER Consultants. This workshop glides goes through the process of data collection, analysis and policy interpretations in an upbeat and stress-free environment
  • Understanding the Grievance Process
    The University Grievance process is primarily managed by the grievant (employee) and the respondent (manager), and while the Employee Relations consultants are here to assist and support with the process flow, much of this content is designed for employees and Management. This workshop reviews important facts, timelines, and to-dos tips for understanding and working with the State grievance procedure. 
  • Understanding Layoffs
    A high-level overview of the forms, documentation and business justifications, for strategically partnering with Employee Relations in the successful implementation of a very complex employment processes. Learn to fulfill the data collection, business justifications and reporting needs of the Department of Human Resource Management, along with department leadership expectations.


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