Programs to help you move well, eat well, breathe well, and feel well

Physical Well-Being

Your good health matters to UVA. We encourage you to develop a passion for a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable physical activity and good nutrition. The benefits you will reap may include improved memory and sleep quality, increased energy, focus and productivity, weight loss, reduced stress, prevention of heart disease, better diabetes control and cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, and lower risk of certain cancers, amongst many other benefits.

To achieve these positive results, the Center for Disease Control recommends 2 hours and 30 minutes a week of moderate-intensity, or 1 hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity, aerobic activity. Aerobic activity should be performed in episodes of at least 10 minutes, and preferably, it should be spread throughout the week.

Food and nutrition also play a crucial role in your long-term health and chronic disease prevention, as does kicking harmful habits like tobacco use.

Hoos Well provides a wide array of programs and resources for supporting a holistic healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity and good nutrition through all stages of life. 

Physical Well-being Programs

In addition to creating its own programs, Hoos Well partners with UVA and the community to provide you all types of tools to improve your physical well-being. Many of these programs are free or offered at a reduced rate.

  • On-demand Fitness and Nutrition Classes

    Employees on the UVA Health Plan have free access to Wellbeats, a newly acquired health and wellness resource available through the web or mobile app with access to hundreds of virtual exercise classes, fitness instruction, and nutrition education. To get started, download the Wellbeats app or visit To create your account, click the "Login" button, type in your computing ID followed by, and enter the password HoosWell. Be sure to change your password once you access Wellbeats. Only one account per household.

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  • Free Group Exercise and Fitness Classes

    Normal isn’t life coming at you the same way every day. Normal is overcoming the challenges of the day so you are better today than you were yesterday. That’s what got you here. Did you face new challenges this year? Absolutely. But you’ve overcome new challenges before. That’s what’s normal. IM-Rec Sports is a proud partner with Hoos Well to help you be stronger today than you were yesterday. The gyms are open and safe, there is instructor led fitness outside, in the gym and at home. Is today the right day to start a health journey? Explore virtual and in-person drop-in classes and enrollment-based instructional programs. All drop-in classes and instructional programs are free for employees and spouses enrolled in the UVA Health Plan.

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  • Nutrition Offerings

    Hoos Well offers a variety of programs to help you learn about and take steps to improve your nutrition.

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  • UVA Walking Paths

    Check out these walking paths near Main Grounds, Ivy Road, Old Ivy Road, Fontaine, Lewis and Clark, and UVA Wise. You can use the interactive map on your smart phone or print out a PDF.

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  • Hoos Choice Nutrition Program

    Hoos Choice is a point-of-choice nutrition program that facilitates and encourages healthy food choices across the University of Virginia.

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  • WW - 'Wellness that Works' (formerly Weight Watchers)

    Enjoy digital subscriptions and virtual workshops at a discounted price. You may also be eligible for 50% reimbursement. New for 2020: take advantage of streamlined reimbursement requests through Workday!

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  • Tobacco Cessation Resources and Support

    Quitting smoking may be the single most important step you can take for improving your overall health. Through partnerships with Quit for Life® and RedBrick Health, Hoos Well offers free, nonjudgmental support-- including phone-based coaching, ongoing virtual support, and free nicotine replacement therapies and medication.

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  • Well-being in Maternity

    Learn more about how UVA supports all employees who are nursing, and about additional services Hoos Well offers for UVA employees and their spouses on the UVA Health Plan who are expecting so that you can plan for and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

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  • Chronic Care Coaching

    UVA-WorkMed provides chronic care coaching to assist UVA team members and their families manage chronic health conditions, with the goal of improving health and wellbeing. There is no cost to UVA team members for this service, and eligibility does not depend on enrollment in the UVA Health Plan. For more information, call 434.243.0075 or click the button below.

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The following resources are also available to help improve your quality of life. They include information about making your work space more ergonomically appropriate, addiction recovery support within the UVA community, and the UVA-WorkMed Clinic.

  • Environmental Health and Safety - Ergonomics

    You will find information here about defining and evaluating ergonomic risks, creating ergonomically appropriate workstations, and preventing work-related musculoskeletal disorders. You also will find tips on taking stretch breaks and how to maintain proper posture at your desk, as well as information about the effects of highly repetitive movements, excessive force or strain and vibration for those working in laboratories or facilities management positions around the University.

    Visit UVA Ergonomics Information
  • UVA-WorkMed

    A comprehensive occupational health- and team member-focused wellness clinic within the UVA Medical Center, which provides medical treatment of work-related injuries as well as occupational health and wellness services tailored to employer needs (including medical physicals, immunizations, drug screens, fitness for duty evaluations, and executive wellness programs. UVA-WorkMed team members include Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, and Wellness Specialists.

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  • Recovery-Ready Grounds

    UVA’s Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) works to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and alumni do not have to choose between substance use disorder recovery and a world-class academic, employee, and alumni experience. This growing support network respects and fosters recovery through encouragement, empathy, and celebration of success.

    UVA CRP hosts monthly social events, a support group called Hoos in Recovery (HiR) that meets weekly during the regular school year, Recovery Ally trainings, and much more.

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  • Nursing Mothers

    UVA supports employees who are nursing mothers (mothers who breastfeed their babies).

    Read about Resources for Nursing Mothers
  • Hoos Well Advocacy FAQ

    Q: Will I still receive a reward for my participation in Hoos Well Advocacy?

    A: Hoos Well Advocacy members who completed enrollment and returned a signed goals agreement by June 12, 2020 will receive their full enrollment incentive for 2020, regardless of goal completion.

    Q: When will I see my Hoos Well Advocacy reward in my paycheck?

    A: Please refer to the following table:

    Employee category

    Paycheck date

    Academic Bi-weekly


    Academic Monthly


    Medical Center Bi-weekly


    Q: I am enrolled in Fresh Farmacy. Will I continue to receive fruits and vegetables through this service?

    A: Fresh Farmacy will continue to be available through December 3, 2020.

    Q: I am enrolled in Livongo. Can I continue to participate in this program?

    A: Livongo will continue to be available through December 31, 2020.

    Q: I am enrolled in Stress Free Now. Will I continue to receive access to this program?

    A: Stress Free Now availability will continue through November 6, 2020 for those who are currently enrolled.

    Q: I was planning to participate in the free counseling sessions offered to active Hoos Well Advocacy participants through the BeWell Behavioral Health Program. What can I do instead?

    A: The UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) offers all employees and family members free, confidential consultation and short-term, solution-focused counseling for a variety of personal issues and mental health concerns. FEAP remains open and available to you, even during this time of physical distancing, through sessions conducted by phone or HIPAA-compliant Zoom. To schedule an appointment, call 434.243.2643 or click here.

    Q: Do I need to submit proof that I have tracked and/or completed my goals?

    A: No. Tracking logs for goals should not be submitted.

    Q: I enjoyed working with a patient advocate. Is there a similar coaching program I can participate in?

    A: Hoos Well will be introducing additional lifestyle coaching and expanding advocacy services with Aetna and the UVA Health Plan. The Hoos Well team will be sharing more information about these clinically integrated services in the coming months.   

  • Flu Vaccine

    Influenza vaccination is a critical step in protecting yourself, your coworkers, family, and your community from infection with influenza virus. Pursuant to promoting healthy lifestyle choices and a healthy workplace for all UVA employees, Hoos Well encourages annual flu vaccinations for all who are able. Each fall, Hoos Well hosts flu vaccination events across Grounds.

    UVA Health influenza page
  • UVA Exercise Physiology Core Lab

    The UVA Exercise Physiology Core Lab offers body composition, metabolism, and fitness testing to UVA employees at a discounted rate. They work with everyone from elite athletes to people just starting an exercise program. 

    Put numbers to your goals by finding out how many calories your body needs, what your current body fat level is, and/or what your heart rate should be during exercise. Each test they offer includes a consultation with their staff.

    To schedule a Bod Pod, Resting Metabolism test, or Exercise Test, contact Lisa Farr: 434.982.3565 or

    Learn more about the Exercise Physiology Core Lab's services