Hoos Well is introducing exciting opportunities for 2020

New Ways to Earn Rewards with Hoos Well in 2020

Hoos Well is excited to announce changes for 2020 based on the feedback you submitted over the past year regarding your needs and interests.

What Will Change?

In 2020, you can earn rewards for completing additional activities, such as:

  1. Completing the Mindfulness Challenge. Mindfulness is a real-life way to forge relationships, foster healthy habits, and manage stress. During each of the 4 weeks of the challenge, you’ll receive new resources to help you create greater physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. 
  2. Completing educational seminars offered by Hoos Well and FEAP to support your emotional wellbeing. Options include participating in-person, attending the live webinar, and watching the recording on-demand. Learn how to manage stress, cope with life challenges, and thrive!  
  3. Attending live financial webinars from UVA Vendors TIAA and Fidelity to improve your “Financial Fitness.” Choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes spending, saving, investing, and retiring.  
  4. Receiving an annual flu shot - a simple way to reduce the risk of flu-associated illness, doctor’s visits, and hospitalization. 

The table below lists healthy activities currently planned for 2020 and associated rewards.

Healthy Activity What You Need To Do Reward
Health Assessment Complete your health assessment $100
Annual Well Check Record your completed annual well exam between 12/1/19 - 11/30/20 $200
Physical Activity Challenges Participate in a friendly, healthy activity competition $50
RedBrick Journeys® Complete a Journey tailored to your lifestyle & interests $50 each
Mindfulness Challenge Complete 4 weeks of mindfulness-related activities $25
Emotional wellbeing seminars Participate live in-person or via webinar, or watch the recording on-demand  $25 each
Financial wellbeing webinars Attend your choice of webinars $25 each
Flu Shot Record the date and location of your vaccination $25

What Will Stay the Same?

Employees and spouses enrolled on the UVA Health Plan are eligible to earn up to $500 each for completing these healthy activities. Beginning January 15, 2020, you can pick and choose which activities spark your interest. Not only will you reap the benefits of improving your wellbeing, you’ll also be able to earn monetary rewards. All rewards will be instantly redeemable as gift cards. You can redeem rewards in your personalized Hoos Well portal. Rewards are considered taxable income. Please remember to redeem your rewards by November 30, 2020 or they will be forfeited.

Hoos Well is proud to be the nationally-recognized wellbeing program for UVA employees. We encourage you to explore all of the programs available for you (and in many cases, your spouse who is enrolled in the UVA Health Plan) to stretch and improve your physical, emotional, and financial wellness.

Wellness Opportunities for You Through Hoos Well Include:

Exercise and Fitness Classes: Try a week at the gym for free, host a fitness class at your department, and participate in many free drop-in class options. See the website.

Nutrition Counseling Services*: Receive a free, 60-minute, one-on-one Nutrition & Wellness visit or consultation each year with UVA’s Nutrition Counseling Center in Northridge. See the website.

Hoos Well Advocacy*: Hoos Well Advocacy is a special clinical program provided by UVA Health with the goal of achieving healthier outcomes for participants. This program is offered by invitation only. See the website.

Hoos Choice Nutrition Program: This point-of-choice nutrition program facilitates and encourages healthy food choices across Grounds, by offering employees convenient, quick, and healthy options. See the website.

WW ‘Wellness that Works’ (formerly Weight Watchers)*: Receive a discount and a 50% reimbursement reward on Digital Subscriptions and Workshops in the Workplace. See the website.

Tobacco Cessation: Receive coaching calls, ongoing support, and free nicotine replacement therapies and medication through RedBrick Health. See more on the Hoos Well Portal.

Maternity Management*: Expecting? Take advantage of beneficial services such as prenatal information, guidance, and nutrition consultation; and monetary incentives. See the website.

Chronic Care Coaching: UVA-WorkMed provides chronic care coaching to assist UVA team members and their family manage chronic health conditions, with the goal of improving health and wellbeing. See the website.

Emotional Wellbeing Support: Hoos Well and its partners throughout UVA offer programs and tools to support your emotional wellbeing. See the website.

Financial Wellness: Attend financial education workshops, or schedule a one-on-one consultation with a TIAA or Fidelity consultant. See the website.

*The offerings pertain to UVA Health Plan participants.

Please note: 

  • Grant-funded postdoctoral fellows, retirees, COBRA enrollees, and their spouses enrolled in the UVA Health Plan are not eligible for monetary rewards.  
  • All rewards are considered taxable income.  
  • RedBrick Journeys® is a registered trademark of RedBrick Health Corporation.  

If you have a situation or condition that makes you unable to complete the physical activity challenge or flu shot, contact Hoos Well to discuss a reasonable alternative. You are encouraged to make your request by Sept. 29, 2020. Call 434.243.3344 or email hooswell@virginia.edu.